Monday, April 26, 2010

Character interview with Dominic Santos

Interview of Dominic Santos, just off the soccer fields in Coaches' Wives.

Reporter: Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed, Mr. Santos!
Dom: Please, call me Dom. Or Coach.

Reporter: Ok, um, Dom. Tell us a little about yourself, Dom.
Dom: Well, you know that my name is Dominic Santos. Most folks call me Dom, or Coach, since I'm the coach of the best youth soccer program in Northern California. I'm also the star, if I may say so, of the fabulous story about one of my greatest seasons. The story is called Coaches' Wives, written by that, how can I put this delicately, that hot, passionate team mom and coach's wife, CD Conejo.

Reporter: I'm sure she'll be flattered, Dom. Where can we get the book?
Dom: On line at eXtasy Books.

Reporter: What makes you special? Do you have special abilities?
Dom: Believe it, baby. I've got special abilities that will make your toes curl.

Reporter: Can you be more specific?
Dom: This isn't a family site, is it?

Reporter: No, you can let yourself go a little. I think.
Dom: I was the star of the soccer team at Arizona in my day. And now my boy is the up-and-coming player of the year, in Northern California. He's got my natural abilities, his mom's brains, and my coaching. This kid is going to go far. And while I'm at it, I'm going to kick the ass of that Beckham-wannabe, John Campbell. Umm, yeah. Speaking of ass, he's got a lovely wife, a fine piece of ass, the delightful Bunny. Now that was a tough conquest.

Reporter: You laid your opposing coach's wife???
Dom: I guess you'd better read the book, honey.

Reporter: What about your wife?
Dom: What about her? Don't you dare insinuate anything about my wife. I keep her satisfied. Oh, yeah, when the coach is your lover, you don't need no other.

Reporter: You sound pretty sure. Have you read the book?
Dom: Not all the way through, I admit. Just the parts about me. Remember that time, when I took the team mom, Vivian, to that house I was building? Oh, she was hot. Made her do jumping jacks in the nude. And the time with the soccer ball between her legs…

Reporter: Is there going to be a sequel to your story?
Dom: Nope. CD had as much of me as she could take. But have you read the one she wrote about that lawyer gal, Almendra? Ooh, that was hot. You should see what her opposing counsel made her do in the jury room. I was jealous, I have to admit. He had her going big time. Check it out: To Conquer Almendra, at

Reporter: If you could offer your author advice, what would it be?
Dom: "Don't be such a wimp!" Can you believe CD rained out our championship game? We would have beaten John's team, big time. Instead, she made us tie the first game, and rained out the second game, leaving us tied for first place. If I could get my hands on her, I'd punish her for that.

Reporter: What would you do?
Dom: Let's just say, after I put the soccer ball between her knees and a candle up her shapely derriere, and taught her a lesson, she'd be begging for more games!

Reporter: Are you happy with the way people perceive you?
Dom: Now that's a pretty deep question. Interesting too. I've been called arrogant, sexy, over-competitive. I remember Bunny's face when she found out that I was fluent in three languages, and had studied European Literature as my major in college. People think I'm just a dumb contractor, or a fabulous coach, or the hottest cock in Northern California, but they don't know the real me.

Reporter: Is expressing love difficult for you?
Dom: No. I'm a passionate man. I love deeply. The two people I love most in this world are my wife, Susi, and my son. They know I love them. I show it, and they show it back. My boy means the world to me. He's got all the opportunities I never had, and he knows how to use them. I never yell at him, the way I got yelled at. I let him make his own path, I just smooth the path he chooses.

Reporter: How does Susi deal with your adventures?

Reporter: Dom, if you don't want to answer that you don't have to.
Dom: No, I was just thinking before I answered it. Susi and I, our relationship is special. We give each other what we need, what we really could never ask from anyone else. She likes it when I play rough, when I film us. Then we watch it, and get all hot all over again. My little fun on the side, it means nothing. I didn't think she even knew of it until the Halloween party. Even then, I wasn't really sure. But she's all mine, and she always will be.

Reporter: If you had the chance to meet another character, who would it be and why?
Dom: Almendra, like I said. I'd like to meet her! And from that other story, Golden Briefs, I sure wouldn't mind bedding Angela Jacoby. That Joe, he was a quick thinker, ordering those condoms from room service! CD must have something for lady lawyers. Smart, hot, and tough on the outside. Lucky guys, getting to break down those reserves, making the ladies want it so bad. Ooof! I'm getting pretty hot here. Want to go cool off with me?

Reporter: Let's finish this interview first. Have you ever lost control? How many sex partners have you had? How many at one time? What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve done? Stupidest? Craziest? What was the best sexual experience you’ve had?
Dom: Take a deep breath, baby! Those are a lot of questions all at once! In a hurry to go cool off with me?

Dom: Like you said to me, you don't have to answer that if you don't want! Heheh… Okay, you want to talk about the Halloween party, don't you? Yeah, I learned a little something that night. What it felt like to be at a woman's mercy. What the gals must be thinking when I spread them out before me, watch them writhe with desire. I never felt so powerless, and so turned on, in my life. All the kinky things I'd ever done, it was like they were getting sweet pay-back on me! I'll never forget getting tied up by Vivian and Bunny, oh, wow! Of course, once I got loose, I really gave Bunny what she'd been craving all along.

Reporter: Do you think you are a superior being?
Dom: Baby, you know I'm a superior being! Want me to show you just how superior? You know the girls love it!

Reporter: Women. Not girls. Saying girls is sexist, Dom.
Dom: Sexist? Or Sexy?

Reporter: Are you winking at me?
Dom: Believe it, baby!

Coaches' Wives—A suburban sex satire, where the

Real game is played on the sidelines!

By CD Conejo

available at

Monday, April 19, 2010

Author spotlight with PJ Dean

Hello PJ,

Thanks for answering some questions for us. Let’s start with the most important one, what has been your biggest influence on becoming a writer?

The biggest influence on my becoming a writer was and has been family and friends' attitude. They seldom wanted to read anything that I had written because in their eyes trying to be a writer was just not feasible. My deceased mom on the other hand encouraged me to at the very least try my hand at writing. So, both factions propelled me toward this life. My mom liked singing opera, mezzo-soprano, but never had the chance to further her dream. She sought out small opportunities to sing when she could in community productions. Since she could not fulfill her dream, I am trying to live mine and honor her. The rest of my distant family and a few of my friends are still disbelievers and say I'll be in the poor house for following my heart. I just ignore them and keep on stepping.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
I adore watching RuPaul's Drag Race, The Bill Maher Show and eating unreal amounts of popcorn.

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?
I'd be in France right now. I love that freakin' country. I have a thing about castles. I admire all the labor that went into creating those masterpieces. I also like the great views, the nonchalance of the people. I love it when the workers go on strike. They just don't give a rat's ass. They strike for everything. They get their issues out there. I'd also visit Portugal and Spain again.

One thing people don't know about me.
I am extremely political. Politics bore many here in the States, until it touches them, then... Don't get me started.

One thing you'd say to readers if you could.
One thing I'd like to say to readers is: give new authors a try. Stay with your tried and true, but try to find it in your budget to sample one new author a month. Let that author know what you thought of their work. Also, please remember writing takes a while and takes a lot out of some writers. I say it's akin to giving birth.

Thanks for listening or reading!

PJ Dean