Monday, August 1, 2011

Previous Release - A. J. Llewelyn - Romeo and Julius

Romeo Quiles has accepted a job online in lush and sunny Kauai. However, upon his arrival in the Hawaiian Islands, he discovers the job is a scam. The company that hired him has emptied his bank accounts and he must scramble to either return home to Cupertino, California, and certain unemployment, or to give paradise a chance.

He’s thrilled when he lands another job, ironically at the same resort hotel used by the scam artists to lure him to Hawaii. Except that Romeo’s fallen for hotter than hot Julius who just took on the job Romeo wanted—and he’s not a very nice boss. To top it off, there’s secrets. Secrets galore. There’s ancient fire knife dancing, mysterious chants and an old blind man Romeo comes to cherish, but love rips at his heart. Can Romeo and Julius break the curse that separates them? Or will they wind up apart?

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Previous Release - Mark Alders - The Hood of Justice

Rookie police officer Casey Watson is dedicated to his job, works long hours and tries to make a difference within his district fighting crime. He is a can-do man, keen and eager to keep the city safe at night. Together, with his rough and tough work partner and good buddy, Bruce O’Connell, they make a great team.

Casey also has a magical foreskin.

When he cock docks with any perpetrator, when his foreskin tingles to let him know the criminal he has apprehended is guilty, the magic within his amazing foreskin makes any man tell the truth. What’s more, they forget how and why they told as soon as Casey climaxes, too.

But if anyone finds out about his foreskin’s abilities, he could be suspended, kicked off the force at the worst. Can Casey continue to perform his duties while using his foreskins abilities? Or will he have to reveal his secret to not only protect himself but Bruce as well?

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Previous Release - Stephani Hecht - Riley's Regret

Hawk shifter Colin has been mentoring Eagle shifter Riley for several months now. Because Eagle shifters are so rare, Riley is constantly in danger of being captured and forced into slavery, so Colin has his hands full with training Riley to be a halfway decent soldier, protecting the younger man from their enemies and trying to fight the growing attraction they have for one another. Then Colin discovers a bigger threat to Riley, more dangerous than all the others. Riley can’t run away from this threat since it comes from within him. Will Colin be able to save Riley from himself, or will the Eagle be lost to his own internal demons?

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Previous Release - J.L McCale - Finding Flesh

Conrad lost his love once. Ever since, he has waited for her to be reincarnated so he can have a second chance. A hundred years has passed since he held Elaine. He only has one more month before he can make her his bride. Unfortunately, renegade vampires hope to cripple the elders by killing their mates before they can be turned. Now that Conrad is so close, will he finally have his chance at love or will it be ripped away from him a second time?

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Previous Release - Charlie Richards - Werewolf at the Zoo

Helping his brother escape the zoo, Rainy discovers more than just an array of animals.

Rainy scouts the zoo, planning a mission to rescue his brother, who’d been sold by poachers while in wolf form. He gets a whiff of the most intoxicating scent, the man Travis Carlyle, his mate. But he quickly finds out that before he can claim the handsome veterinarian, Rainy has to convince Travis that he’s worth coming out of the closet for.

Travis leads a quiet, discreet life, avoiding any situation that could possibly out him to his family. After so many years alone, Travis finds the love, affection, and acceptance Rainy offers him too hard to resist. But just when he decides Rainy might be worth the persecution of revealing his sexuality, he discovers Rainy has been keeping secrets, a lot of secrets: Werewolves, Shifters, Mates? When he watches a shift with his own eyes, Travis is forced to accept the truth.

Too bad not everyone wants Travis to know the wolves’ secrets, tossing him into a feud between shifters. When Travis’s father tries to come between them, can Rainy convince Travis to choose a dangerous, love-filled life with him instead of the comfortable, quiet existence he’s led with his family?

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Previous Release - Robin Badillo - The Betrayal

Jason Craft is a vampire on a mission. Destroy the last of the rogue vampires he’s been enlisted to hunt and he’ll be released from a century old vow made to his creator. Freedom from his obligation is so close he can taste it.

Jazmine Fabré has spent the last fifteen years caring for her adopted younger brother, a vampire with autism, who was attacked and turned by her very own sire. All she wants is justice on his behalf and as fate would have it, Jazmine’s sire is next on Jason’s hit list.

Thrown together on a mission to hunt him down, they find more than they bargained for on their quest…they find each other. As the hunt heats up, they soon discover how hard it is to take down an enemy when they don’t know who it really is.

Will hidden secrets and betrayal destroy them before they have a chance start a life? Or were their lives fated for separate paths all along?

Hunting can be a dangerous sport when the prey has all the ammunition.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Previous Releases - Annie Alvarez - Boi Toi

When Julia, a power-femme, betrays McKenna, Lexi, pulls out all the stops to help heal McKenna’s broken heart. A party, a strap-on, cock worship and orgasm control is only the beginning of McKenna’s evening. Can Lexi convince her to become her new boi toi?

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Previous Releases - Allistar Parker - A Jack & Jill Invitation

Of all the crazy things to happen, you never expect to find your neighbor staring at you while you are enjoying the delicate and intimate art of Jilling, but when a one night stand notices her neighbor watching them make love and the neighbor admits to watching her pleasuring herself, she wants revenge.

As a happy coincidence, Jennie happens upon a Jack and Jill club. Figuring that having a crowd watch him as he jacks off would be ample revenge, she offers Tommy redemption if he complies. Still infatuated with Jill, he has no choice but to go along.…but the club holds more surprises than revenge.

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Oldies, but goodies - Celine Chatillon - A Middle Class Existence

When Riki’s "perfect world" is threatened she embarks on a plan of vengeance to take back what is hers from her husband's ex-boss, Morgan Fahr. She soon discovers that she revels in the feelings of power she has over men like Fahr, through casual sex, and seeks it out with a shady lawyer as well. But as her simple blackmail plot spirals out of control, Riki begins to realize the only way out… could lead to murder.

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“What is a nice girl like you doing in a racket like this?” He sat beside me as I straightened up and tucked the wad into my back jeans pocket.
“Making a living like everyone else, I guess.” I crossed my legs to remove a spike-heeled sandal. “Everybody got to eat. Everybody got to breathe. Everybody got to fuck now and then, too.”
A dark cloud traversed his features, but the storm quickly passed. He leaned back on the bed and folded his arms beneath his head, watching me unzip my pants with unadulterated lust.

“You shouldn’t use such crude terms. You’re much too young and pretty to be talking like a sailor. You remind me of somebody… somebody I met once. Now, who could it be?” I shimmied out of my jeans, carefully folded them, and placed them by my jacket. Could he have remembered me from a company picnic? Or maybe those few times I actually came by the factory in the middle of the day to talk to Daniel about the kids? Did I have enough guts to bluff my way out of this situation if he did place my face and name together?

I turned around, facing him, and took a deep breath, filling out my black, lacy B-cup as much as possible as I peeled off my top. “Your Sunday school teacher perhaps?”

His gaze dropped below my chin. It worked. I wouldn’t have to worry about him studying my face too much. The man was going to explode if he didn’t get off soon.

He chuckled. “More like the little red-headed girl I snuck out of Sunday School with to make-out behind her father’s barn. Come on over here.”

Friday, April 29, 2011

Oldies, but goodies - Paula Calloway - A Cry in the Night

Long before man knew of their existence, a bond formed which allowed Vampires to protect the Bitten and destroy the Beast so the Were and Humans survived.

His bitten beloved turned Beast and murdered by a cold Hunter, Talen continues as a Gatherer. When a Bitten stirs his heart, moves his soul and ignites his blood, he fears a repeat of the past, but fate tightens his grip.

Liana longed for someone who would love all of her, plumpness included. Never in her wildest dreams did she ever imagine something like the handsome boss her company stuck her with.

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He lowered her hand, held her palm over his heart and tilted his head. His gaze roved her beautiful face. “I will never deny love. Nor you.”

Her fingers caressed his chest. “You’re one of the gifted in that you still portray the traits of the living with warm flesh, a heartbeat, consumption and walks in the sun. Lift me to the counter and give me your word.”

Eager to oblige, Talen cupped her ass and effortlessly slid her up his body. “I will forever provide those gifts for you, my sweet.” The wrap of her legs around his waist welcomed, he set her on the counter and wedged his hips between her silky thighs. “You have my promise and my word.” He stared into her eyes while the bob of his shaft brushed across her succulent clit. “Please?”

The demanding hunger in his gaze countered by the gentle pleading of his voice, Mireille uttered a soft laugh. “You place such power over you in my hands yet wield the ability to overturn any choice I make with a simple look or caress.”

He framed her face with his hands and winked. “I hope such never changes.”

“You have my promise. Seal it with a kiss and take me.”

“With pleasure.” Talen claimed her mouth with intense passion and glided his tongue along hers with insatiable hunger. His body thrummed. He tugged down on her shoulders and slid her backside forward. A thrust between her fleshy thighs buried his unyielding hardness deep inside her snug passage. Hungry need pulsed through his veins. Raw inner velvet walls swallowed his entire cock. A backward fling of her head broke their kiss.

Mireille sucked in a breath. “Fill me, Talen.”

“You only need ask, my beloved.” He captured her face between his palms and adored her euphoric expression. His dynamic plunges heightened her until her body rocked with uncontrolled shudders.

She clutched his biceps. “Let me…breathe!”

Slowed sexual strokes, now deep and steady, granted Talen time to rein in his desire. “Anything you ask is yours, my lady.” His lips embraced hers in a brief, yet soft caress of love.

Mireille met his gaze. “You’re a good man, Talen.”

Her shifted hips coaxed and he needed no other invite. His dynamic plunge spread the walls of her pussy to accommodate his thick length.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Oldies, but goodies - Beverly Rae - Fool Me Twice

Jane Riggins, like all the other women working at Barton Enterprises, secretly lusts after the very sexy, very wealthy Brandon Barton, but believes she has no chance with him. When she meets cute and likable Charlie Hinderman, she sets her sights on the mediocre salesman, giving up her dreams about the debonair Brandon. But Brandon’s finally noticed her, even as her two best friends rig the charity event drawing, making sure one of them will win a date with the billionaire.

With Charlie’s help, she double crosses her friends’ scheme. But fate—or is it magic?—steps in when she wins the drawing and is whisked away on a romantic midnight date with her former fantasy man, Brandon. Jane, torn by her attraction to both Brandon and Charlie, can’t understand why the two men seem so much alike. From their smoldering eyes to the black stone necklace they wear, each man drives her crazy—emotionally and sexually. When she finds out they’re the same man, she has to decide. Does she love the illusion of Charlie more than the reality of Brandon?

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Oldies, but goodies - James Hagerty

Hubert O'Halloran goes from timid biology professor to slave master in the sleazy subculture of 1960's San Diego. From the lowest of lows, Hubert climbs the social ladder of aberrant gay sex and intrigue within the secrets of a very wealthy, famous gay family.

Warning: Fully equipped dungeon, medieval rack

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Oldies, but goodies - Evelyn Star

Family histories are tricky. Debi knows that. What seems to be the truth isn’t always. And what’s a girl supposed to do when truth and perception collide? When they both center on the one man who’s supposed to be her bitterest enemy? The one man who turns out to be the only man for her?

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Oldies, but goodies - Amy O'Connor - Moon Illusion

Nate Moore’s business card may as well have read, “Randy Werewolf: Out for a Good Time.” Then he met Gina, a self-confessed, quietly boring woman. He didn’t have any choice; destiny was involved. So it was simple – all he had to do was convince her he really did understand the definition of ‘commitment’, save her from her scheming stepfather, sweet talk her into his bed, and… oh, yeah… explain about how he was a werewolf, and she was more than just a tasty midnight snack. Easy!

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Oldies, but goodies - Amy O'Connor - Vampire's Pet

For a bored vampire, a charity ‘service’ auction seems as good a place as any to pick up his next meal. For Gwyneth Reilly, unwilling participant, it’s all horribly embarrassing. Being sold? Ewww.

But how bad could it possibly be? After all, it was only dinner with a handsome stranger. Nothing else! The way he kept nuzzling at her neck may have been a little strange, but Gwyneth certainly didn’t realise that she was slated to be the main course!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Oldies, but goodies - Morgan Hawke - Hungry Spirits

Kentoku is heir to a corporate empire, and the only one in his family aware that a very active spirit walks the hallways of his ancestral home. Keiko is a feisty young university student with an unusual spiritual talent -- the ability to feel ghosts as though they were flesh. Ryudo is an ancient samurai guardian spirit to an old and respected family, grown powerful in the modern era.

An invitation to tea becomes a seduction that binds all three together in a web of desire, appetites, and secrets.

Alas, they are not alone in the dark. There are those among the living, and the dead, who would bind them to their service.

Willing, or not.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Oldies, but goodies - Morgan Hawke

Bryn did not discover that the snow on the mountain road was too deep for her car until her Saturn slid into a snow bank and stalled. An hour later, an oncoming the driver of an SUV spots her and stops. The passenger side window buzzed down and a familiar Hollywood face smiles at her with snapping black eyes. His hair was almost pure silver and hung over his shoulder in a long tail pulled back from his broad and handsome brow.

"Having a bit of trouble, are we?" His accent was rich with European tones.

And so Bryn Savage begins a whirlwind sensual adventure involving some of Hollywood’s hottest vampires and just a dash of kinky sex…

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Monday, February 28, 2011

Oldies, but goodies - Amanda M. Holt - Reaper 3

Reaper 3 - Evil Among Us

ISBN: 978-1-55487-291-6
Flame Rating: 5 Flames
Cover Artist: Martine Jardin
Release Date: 05/15/2009
Genre: Series, Paranormal, Contemporary, Horror, Thriller, Shapeshifter

Samantha Bennet, the angel-human hybrid, encounters a villain against whom she is helpless—Lust, an immoral woman who exudes a pheromone that places Samantha under her complete control. Samantha feels that she truly loves this strange woman and would do anything for her—until she wakes up the next day and realizes she had been forced into her first Sapphic encounter.

Officer Neal, Samantha's boyfriend, remains unaware that she is the Reaper, the vigilante the law has sworn to bring to justice. His kiss is redeeming, his blazing touch brands Samantha, reminding her she is his possession, Lust or no Lust.

Somewhere in the city is the artist responsible for promoting images of the Reaper. Samantha is shocked to learn the delicate girl possesses another strange power beyond her gifted sight—the ability to drain the life force. When clairvoyant predictions ring true, Samantha encounters more than she bargained for. Especially after an orchestrated attack leaves Samantha vulnerable and injured.

Will she survive the wrath of the righteous warriors? Can she heal from the holy fire that cuts through her armor and sears her very human flesh? Are the accusations true? Is Samantha truly a creature borne of darkness or is she endorsed by Heaven?

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Friday, February 18, 2011

The Romance Radio Presents...RM Sotera

RM Sotera and I discuss her writing and the three books in the “Dirty” series: Dirty Dancer, Dirty Deed and Dirty Valkyrie. Her ability to create a world where vampires exist alongside of Norse Gods is exemplary. Each of her books can be read as a stand-alone volume, but, for the absolute best experience, I highly suggest you read them in order (as above).

While each of her books include characters from the others, a different protagonist takes center stage in each. These are a fun read, highly entertaining and the mix of mythos makes these stories wonderfully creative. When a good author mixes it up with her favorite paranormal characters, you are in for a real treat.

MP3 Audio link -
Dirty Dancer-
Dirty Deed –
Dirty Valkyrie –

RM Sotera’s Blog –
RM Sotera’s Web Site –

Monday, February 14, 2011

Oldies, but goodies - Amanda M. Holt - Reaper 2

Reaper 2 - Villains and Allies

ISBN: 978-1-55487-252-7
Flame Rating: 5 Flames
Cover Artist: Martine Jardin
Release Date: March 15, 2009
Genre: Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Contemporary, Horror, Shapeshifte

Love is brewing for Sam and Neil, but her dark side keeps things just at bay and commitment out of reach. When a simple weapon penetrates her armor and opens a nasty wound, Sam turns to the only source of help, the woman who offered her solace. A surprise photo hits the front page and the public is divided between support and outrage. With Phil now knowing her secret and Angela offering guidance and healing, Sam continues fighting everything in herself when forced to lie to the one man she cares most about. Just how much should she reveal to her lover and will he run if she does?

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Oldies, but goodies - Amanda M. Holt - Reaper

Reaper - The Beginning

ISBN: 978-55487-225-1
Flame Rating: 5 Flames
Cover Artist: Martine Jardin
Release Date: January 19, 2009
Genre: Paranormal, Dark Fantasy, Horror, Shapeshifter, Demons, Angel

WARNING: This book contains content that may offend some readers.
By day, Samantha Bennet is many things—sister, daughter, friend, lover, associate, officer of the law… But by night, she is something—and someone—quite different. She is a Reaper, a vigilante Nephalim, an angel-human hybrid who has the soul of a human and the partial power of a Fallen angel.

By night she walks the streets of the City stalking her criminal quarry, using her supernatural abilities to make victims of those who would prey upon society’s innocent. Her dark half craves the blood of sinners, it is in that blood price levied against their crimes that she finds the strength to do what she must—seek out her destiny for the good of mankind.

When at a tender age Samantha is brutally attacked by three men, her latent supernatural abilities manifest for the first time. In anger, she hunts them down and dispatches of them in one bloody showdown after another. Years later as a police officer, she struggles to balance her duty as an upholder of the law with her calling as a vigilante of the night.

Complicating her life is the passion that she finds in the arms of a co-worker. Can she afford to fall in love with a fellow officer of the law, a man who might stumble onto the truth about her dual nature? Is Samantha a serial killer preying on monsters with human faces or is she a monster herself? Is she a plague upon mankind if her actions are endorsed by Heaven?

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Monday, January 31, 2011


The Drakhom Taboo II
© Copyright Celia Jade
All Rights Reserved, eXtasy Books

Flame Rating: 4 Flames

Pages: 42
Cover Artist: Martine Jardin
Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Contemporary, Vampire, Fantasy Ganmes


“Do not waste your time with me, Devon. I’m not interested in your propositions—particularly the second.” She stood and gave him a curt smile. “To be honest, you are not my type.” Bianca walked out of the restaurant with as much poise as she could muster under the circumstances. She’d taken only a dozen or so steps when a firm hand grasped her upper arm.

“Bianca, hold on a minute.”

She turned and met his ebony gaze, her heart beating out an erratic pattern. There was no denying the man affected her.

“I didn’t mean to offend you. Look, you’re not my type either…but I want you. At least I can admit it,” he said in a thick voice.

She extricated her arm from his grip. Her blood was rushing through her body like an electric current. Yes, she wanted him, too. One night of unbridled sex would get the emotional build up out of her system. “Really? And what is your type, Devon Slane?” she purred, oblivious to the crowd that parted and walked around them.

A corner of his mouth lifted. “I normally stick to my kind.”

“Ah, the Drakhom kind. I had a feeling. Well…you’ve just confirmed that you really are not my type.”

“Why is that, Bianca? Do you prefer tamer men?”

Oh, he knows how to press my buttons. She smiled and placed her finger on the lapel of his jacket, pleased to hear his breath shift. “You couldn’t handle me,” she said softly. Mischief flickered in his eyes and he chuckled. His fingers caught a lock of her hair and twirled it, sending a frisson through her.

“We are a challenge to each other. You’d like to humble me and I’d like to have my way with you…release your fire. But I intimidate you.”

The velvety timbre of his voice provoked her dangerously. She tilted her head back to meet his gaze directly. “You’re so sure of yourself.”

He grinned. “Take me down a few pegs, Bianca. If you can.”

Her gaze fell to his mouth and she had the urge to erase its smugness with a wicked kiss. She rose on tiptoes and brought her lips within two inches of his. “Damn you, devil,” she murmured before turning around to hail a cab. She heard his low chuckle as she slid into the backseat and forced herself to look ahead.


Monday, January 24, 2011


The Drakhorn Taboo
© Copyright Celia Jade
All Rights Reserved, eXtasy Books

Flame Rating: 4 Flames
Pages: 36
Cover Artist: Martine Jardin
Genre: Paranormal, Vampire, Drakhorn, Romance, Fantasy Games, Fantasy


Tanton Manning was damned if he let a woman like Kate simply walk out of his life. Within ten minutes of their first meeting, he knew he wanted her as sure as the sun rose in the east. Intelligent and feminine, late twenties or so, with looks any man would die for. Hair as smooth as silk…the kind of dark blonde that would be the color of honey if it were a shade darker. Arresting eyes—twin pools of sea-green and long lashes. A straight, delicate nose and deep pink lips so voluptuous they appeared bee-stung. Her heart-shaped face and perfect skin glowed with health. Although she was no taller than five-six or so, her womanly figure made impact, from her shapely legs and leanly curved hips, to her small waist and generous breasts…more than a handful.

She’d worked in his company for four days and each day he’d gone home physically aroused and frustrated. She had started the fire in his flesh and she’d put it out.


Monday, January 17, 2011


© Copyright Celia Jade
All Rights Reserved, eXtasy Books

ISBN: 978-1-55487-379-1
Pages: 166
Flame Rating: 3 Flames
Cover Artist: Martine Jardin
Release Date: August, 2006
Genre: Historical Romance


His words shocked her. What a callous rogue he was! She pushed at his chest with her free hand but he didn’t budge. Lord, he was built like a rock! Her heart beat madly and she felt her legs weaken again. “How forward of you! You have no manners--no respect at all!” she finally managed to blurt out.

“Apologize!” he insisted, pulling her close. “Look at me, Miss Marquez,” he ordered, pronouncing her family name with mocking dislike.

She unwillingly looked at him, meeting his furious glare while tears pricked at her eyes. Once again he had managed to frustrate and humiliate her.

Alina regretted her recklessness. She should have known better than to poke at the beast. Or had she goaded him on purpose--hoping to get some sort of passionate reaction from him? She closed her eyes at the thought. Impossible. She wasn’t like that. Didn’t even like the man. She swallowed with difficulty because her throat had gone dry. “I--I apologize for what I said…I just want my family to know I’m alive.”

His expression softened a fraction and his grip slackened. “Yes, well, like I explained from the start, that will happen soon enough. You must learn not to be so stubborn.”

She raised her chin defensively but chose to remain silent.

Ramon stared thoughtfully into her eyes for a moment and then his gaze moved over her tense face, stopping at her mouth which was just as inviting now as it had been last night.


Monday, January 10, 2011


Her Warrior Lord
© Copyright Celia Jade
All Rights Reserved, eXtasy Books

ISBN: 1-55410-820-9
Pages: 250
Flame Rating: 4 Flames
Cover Artist: Angela Waters
Release Date: December 1, 2007
Genre: Fantasy Romance


"It seems as if you've lost your way, young lady," said a voice from somewhere.

Kyla gasped and looked nervously about but saw no one. "Who's there?" she called out anxiously.

From behind a thick tree appeared a man with long black hair and an angled face that was strangely charming. Kyla swallowed nervously and took in his long, black coat that covered what seemed like a sinewy frame. He stepped over a thick root with his black boots and came up alongside the horse to peer up at her. She was taken aback by the blackness of his eyes and a mouth that seemed oddly wide. And it grew even wider when he grinned.

"Now how did you come this way?" he asked in a gruff voice.

Kyla was perturbed by his odd look but thankful that at least he was human--well, looked human. She cleared her throat. "I meant to go to Gosforth. Unfortunately we encountered a snake on the way and my horse got spooked and ran straight into this forest," she explained, hoping the man would show her the way out.

He clasped his hands before him. "Snakes. Such nasty creatures, aren't they?" he said in a nonchalant way that made Kyla more wary of him.

"Could you--would you mind showing me the way out of here?" she asked, almost holding her breath for his response.

The man took a step forward and placed a hand on her leg. "Now why would I do that, my dear?" he replied as Kyla gasped and stared into his eyes, which had turned blood-red and her scream caught in her throat before she lost all consciousness.

She came to some minutes later and found herself tied to the trunk of a tree. The man reappeared right before her making her cry out in fear. But he wasn't a man anymore. She stared into the face of a horrible wolf-like creature with red eyes, a rough beard and two protruding fangs on its lower jaw.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Author spotlight with Annette Shelley

 Hello Annette and welcome.

Tell us, what has been your biggest influence on becoming a writer?
For years, I would have various kinds of jobs, but I would not keep them for more than about three years at a time. I’m the kind of person that once I understand something, I need to move on. Despite my years working for newspapers, magazines, etc., I only began calling myself writer a few years ago. I went to my first Romance Writers of America convention and I couldn’t believe that there were other people like me with multiple interests and I felt more at home there than any place ever. I now write full time and I know this is the one career I will never leave because within the confides of fiction writing, I can live out all my fantasies and be whoever I want for however long I like. It’s the greatest feeling in the world!

I know the readers are curious. How do you categorize yourself: pantser or plotter?
No doubt I am a panster all the way! I write like I read. I get a thrill out of seeing what will happen to the characters so if I know in advance, it spoils all my fun. I made myself attend one plotting session to see how it worked and I still never completed the project I offered to that group. My philosophy is to entertain myself first and then hopefully others will like it, too.

What makes a book great in your eyes?
A great book has characters who we cheer for, tons of intricate mysterious details that all get neatly resolved in the end.

What is the biggest piece of your advice you can give a beginning writer?
Don’t give up! If you have the dream, work on it. You won’t become great overnight. It’s all part of the journey. In college, I had the opportunity to become editor-in-chief of my college newspaper because I was a great businessperson and the paper was in a financial mess. The problem was I couldn’t string more than a few sentences together at a time and I was responsible for writing two editorial columns per week. My staff taught me how to do that on the job, and today, to think the girl of so few words has written over thirty books and novels now is amazing. I worked really hard and still do. I only began writing fiction three years ago and I love it because it is so challenging for me. I’ve had to completely relearn how I was taught to write, but with every project, I believe I’m learning more and growing, and that is what life is about. I love it and I have so appreciated everyone at eXtasy Books! They have the best editors I’ve had the honor to work with so far.

Name one thing readers don’t know about you.
My non-fiction name is Shelley Kaehr ( and I am a real-life past-life regression therapist and energy healer. I get a lot of my sci-fi/horror material from my clients and some of the places I’ve lectured in that capacity. One of the best was when I was invited to present at the Roswell International UFO Festival. I rode on the Alien Autopsy float. What a kick! Many of these experiences will be trickling out into my work at some time or another.

What are you working on now?
My next one is a story based on the Hermit card in the Major Arcana of the Tarot for eXtasy Books. I’m writing a vampire, only this guy doesn’t drink blood because he isn’t from Earth! Stay tuned to find out!

Who is your favorite all-time author?
No doubt—Dean Koontz. I think he is a master storyteller who seems to continually work on his craft. A lot of the big names break in and don’t seem to refine themselves anymore. We all have to follow rules to get in, but even Koontz’s later works reflect that he is keeping up with the current trends in fiction writing. Plus as a fan of the macabre and the spooky, I love his stuff!

Are love scenes easy/difficult to write?
You would think as much dating as I’ve done over the years this should be easy for me, but it isn’t. I find it challenging to come up with new ways to describe body parts, etc. I am pleased to say that I no longer wonder what my parents will think when they read it. They’ve read all my books so far and I know they’ve read other racy material so it doesn’t faze them.

Do you write in one genre or several different ones? And why?
I enjoy writing across genres under both pen names and my non-fiction name. I think it’s because I have a sort of ADHD *LOL J* or curiosity about things. When I first decided to write fiction full time,, I wrote everything from Sci-Fi, Western, Romance, Paranormal, etc. to get a feeling for what I enjoy writing. I don’t think you know what you like until you do it. Now I’ve found several characters I really enjoy and who I wouldn’t mind spending more time with in series formats. Among my favorites are my Sci-Fi characters in my forthcoming 2012 series. They’re from Venus and I will be doing a lot more with them over the years. I think of my fiction as an art form so it’s important for me to express my artistic self in the areas I love the most. Life is supposed to be enjoyed and I am doing just that.

How do you deal with the dreaded writer’s block?
Since I decided to do fiction full time, I expect myself to produce material or edit material every day. The fact is, sometimes that doesn’t happen. I’ve come to understand that stories are born, especially for a panster like me. I believe I work on stories in the deep part of my subconscious mind even when I’m doing the dishes or working out at the gym. All things come in their time so I give myself a break and know that as long as I understand what the deadline is, I will get it done. If there are breaks along the way, so be it.

Do you have another career besides writing? What is it?
Yes, I am a hypnotherapist/past-life regression therapist and also write books on the healing properties and lore of gemstones.

If you had the opportunity to say one thing to your readers, what would that be?
Thank you for reading books! I’ve come to believe that fiction allows us all to escape from the real world and enter into unknown places. By doing so, I think it helps us solve our problems, rest, regroup and gain the perspective that all things are possible in our lives, no matter what struggles we may face. None of that would happen without the readers so I thank you so much for supporting the artistic endeavors of writers.

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